Testimonial - Margaret Epperson

Several months ago, I contacted Mike Anella when I saw an article about him and his book in our Union publication. I knew I wanted a copy of this book since figurative language is such an important part of our 4th grade standards. After I read the book to my class, a student mentioned she also had his reading buddies at home. She brought them in, and everything changed in my classroom. We were now entering the world of figurative language. Whenever the students heard figurative language, either in my speaking or my read-alouds, they would do the hand motions mentioned in Midland Magic. Awesome. Then I had an idea of what to do with the buddies! If a child came up to me and shared an idiom or whatever figurative language they found in their independent reading, I would say, "Go grab the idiom doll, and place it on your desk." Boy, were the kids excited to read now! Even the boys wanted Shahab or whichever buddy on their desks! :) I am so excited to continue using Mr. Anella's book and reading buddies in my classroom. And I encourage any 2nd through 5th grade teacher to grab a copy of Midland Magic and the seven reading buddies.
You and your class will have so much fun learning about figurative language! :)
In addition, check with Mr. Anella, and see if he's available to come to your school for an awesome presentation. This author will wow you with his humor as he shares how he came up with this creative idea for all of us. It was very cool to see where his characters came from - actual students and staff at Midland Elementary!! I promise you, your students will not be disappointed. :)

Margaret Epperson
4th Grade Teacher
Del Sur Elementary Poway Unified School District
858-674-6200 ext. 6330

Assembly Cost

$495 One Assembly $695 Two Assemblies
One Hour Presentation for San Diego County Schools
Travel expenses for schools outside of San Diego County to be determined 


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