The Journey


Based on a True Story

Midland Magic - A Journey Through the World of Figurative Language was written as a tribute to the school and community Mr. Anella has been a part of for over twenty years. Many of the illustrated pages depict the school as its actual setting.  The characters in this book were all named for former students, and current staff members.  Teachers, students, administrators, support staff, librarians, custodians, parents, and countless volunteers have all helped to make Midland Elementary a truly magical place. 


Learning While Having Fun - Reading Buddies®

Midland Magic – A Journey Through the World of Figurative Language and the seven Reading Buddies®, the magical main characters in the story, were created and developed to enhance a child’s knowledge of figurative language.  Children love to cuddle up and read.  Whether at home or in the classroom, Reading Buddies® encourage children to identify examples of figurative language in stories they read, while learning the “hidden meaning” of important figures of speech.  Mr. Anella quotes, “All elementary teachers and parents read stories aloud to their children.  With simple hand signals, children quickly learn to identify important figures of speech greatly adding to their comprehension.”  


Figurative Language Defined

When there is an understanding of words used to heighten or color meaning, words used to create a special effect, idea, image, or feeling, comprehension is enhanced as it is woven throughout all books and is a foundation of poetry.